Thursday October 25, 2018

Day one morning

New technologies and Partnership Opportunities in Drug Delivery on Conference

Drug Delivery and Formulation Strategies

Thursday,Friday, Oct.25-26, 2018
Session One

Oral formulation development and design

Session Two

Injection development and design

Session Three

Inhalation development and design

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STEERLife, a unique and seamless blend of engineering and pharmaceutical expertise, is committed to the design and creation of advanced technologies capable of changing the way the world makes and takes medicines. Our proprietary technologies such as novel hot melt extrusion, hot melt fragmentation and activated granulation not only help manufacturers move from batch to true continuous processing and thereby moving from Quality by Testing to Quality by Design but also fuel the creation of delivery systems that change the way medicines are taken. 

All our technologies are enabled by cGMP compliant, self-cleaning twin-screw processing systems which offer ease of scalability, superior feeding ability, energy efficiency, enhanced torque capability and control and deliver outstanding quality. STEERLife is a globally acknowledged leader in twin screw self extruder technology. Our Hot Melt Extrusion Systems (HME) are purpose-built for pharma applications. They are fully integrated with a twin-screw hot melt extruder as the core unit, advanced STEER EPZ elements, barrels and up-stream and down-stream components.

STEERLife can provide customised technology solutions, licensing opportunities, lifecycle management solutions and manufacture of differentiated products to its partners.

It is time to look at transformational ways of manufacturing. At STEERLife, we firmly believe - IT'S TIME TO CHANGE.

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